She's a keeper

I chose the word “SELFLESS”. I chose this word because, well, that’s what she is. She is always thinking about other people before herself even when it is inconvenient for her. I wanted to encourage her in that I wanted to let her know that she is in fact selfless. I suppose those types of people forget or just don't think about it because they're thinking about everyone else. I appreciate that about her. I want to be with someone who is aware. Someone whose world doesn't revolve around them 24/7. She's a keeper.
Being with Ashley has taught me not to be so selfish. I was never a very selfish person to begin with. When you’re single, you just have yourself (obvi), but when she came into the picture, I had to start planning for two, saving money for outings, and things of that nature. I had to be conscious of the fact that Ashley is a part of my life and therefore a representation of myself and vice versa. I learned that I have to put on the best “Tim” for her friends and family. Not for their sake, but for Ashley and I. But on the flip side, I learned that I could be real with her and not have to worry about the best “Tim”. I could be broken and she would still accept me. It’s humbling.