A Little Bit of Peace

While we lived in Minneapolis, I made an amazing friend who will forever leave a mark on me; she has one of the purest and kindest souls that I have ever met and the love she has for her family will melt your heart. The drive and passion she has for her family spills over into the other aspects of her life and thankfully for me, I was able to benefit from it as well as we quickly grew to be great friends.

From the outside it would appear that she has had the perfect life, but as we became closer, I learned that she has faced many challenges both in health and professionally that for many would break them or make them bitter. I was always in awe at the strength and perseverance she showed and how she wanted people to people to judge her on her merits and not feel sympathy for her and let it impact their decisions.

They always say that there are certain people you meet in your life that will make an impact on you forever and she will always be one of those people to me. Knowing how much of an impact and the size of her heart, I wanted to find a gift that had a lot of meaning behind it. I didn't even know about the Giving Keys until I walked into a store and immediately gravitated towards them. I looked at the PEACE key and it just fit. I wanted to give her something that when her life got a little rocky she could wear it and have a little bit of Peace there since she likes to hold everything in. My hope was that she would see this as a way of releasing some of the burden and not hold onto it all herself.

So as you read this, know that I have been blessed to have your friendship. When you have those days where you want to scream, cry, or feel lost I hope that this necklace will serve as a little bit of peace and know that you are loved and respected by many.
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