Keep Your Hope Alive

When I turned 60 my life changed drastically. I became emotionally crippled by divorce, dislocation, death, unemployment, and more death which all seemed to become my normal. I lost myself in grief and my family lost their mom and grandma.

My daughter started the journey of this Giving Key when she presented it to me on a visit in the midst of these trials. My Hope key reminded me daily that, through God, we are saved in Hope and that it is what drives us to heal and become strong. It is one of the three things that lasts: Faith, Hope, and Love.

I have passed it forward to a lovely young woman who is in love with my grandson. She is about to experience life changing trials of her own. Upon her graduation from high school this year, she and her family will be moving many states away. Her life and plans will significantly change romantically, socially, academically, and spiritually. I pray for her happiness and well being and that Hope governs all her decisions.

To all who read this blog, please keep your Hope alive. It is God given and part of our salvation, both now and in the hereafter. Thank you.