With Courage, She Will Get Through

"You meet everyone for a reason." "Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest, But who came into your life and never left." We are taught these quotes about relationships very early on in life, but it was not until almost my 30's that I fully understood them.

Jen, Carmelina, and myself led three very different lives growing up but we were lucky enough to all end up attending the same college where we met & traveled together to Spain & New Orleans

Besides the college we attended, one of are commonalities is experiencing verbal and physical abuse at the hands of men we loved. Unfortunately for Jen, her abusive man was her father. For me, years before getting to know the girls, I dated an abusive man who is no longer in my life. And most recently, Carmelina is struggling with a way too common type of guy. Carmelina too is struggling with having an abusive man in her life.

Jen and I hate hearing the details of what Carmelina is going through, as we've been there ourselves and never wished such a close friend such a difficult relationship. And that's what brought us to this site. We purchased the "Courage" key necklace for Carmelina as a daily reminder to her through her current difficult situation that with Courage, she will get through. Carmelina has already shown such courageous actions dealing with this troubled man, and we simply want her to keep doing so in order to keep safe. Courage is something Carmelina will continue to need, even after this negative person is out of her life to ensure that this one person does not dictate the rest of her life nor affect her future relationships. Courage to remember that she is such an amazing person who deserves better. She's deserves the best.

So our paths crossed for a reason. Our friendship is not the longest one each of us has, but it is one that is not going away. We were brought into each other's lives for a reason and for the long run.
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