A Fighter for His Future

My older brother has been in and out of prison since I was a kid. He's 15 years older than I am, and I have always worshiped the ground he walked on, whether he's made mistakes or not. The past 4 years, he's been serving his 15 year sentence for petty crimes that could have been resolved if he had just gone to court and met with his parole officer.

He's had a rough past, but no matter what's happened to him, good or bad, he's faced the consequences with his head held high and I admire that about him more than anything. He's a fighter. And that's what I had put on the key that I'm sending him. I want it to be a reminder to him that no matter what happens to him in his life, that he is who he is, and he will always keep fighting and making it through the life that is before him.