Redemption and Healing

I've had my key, which says "inspire" on it for months and expected to keep it for quite a while longer, but I still prayed and prayed that God would open up my eyes and heart to know when and who to give my key away to.

I went to Christ In Youth High School church camp over a week ago, and I met this girl who immediately captivated me. I can't say exactly what it was about her, but something drew me to her and I wanted so badly to get to know her and know her story. Throughout the week, we got closer but I never did get to hear her story although I did witness her overcoming whatever it was in her past that had pulled her down. A week after we got back, she gave me a notebook and told me to read it and I'd know what to do. I read the first page and it said that this notebook was full of stories and I was to read them, write my own, and pass it on. I found myself engulfed in her story, crying and heartbroken at the suffering this girl, someone younger than me, has had to face. Abuse, disorders, divorce, suicide, abandonment, death, and a million other agonizing things, this girl has faced it. Yet in worship she lifts her hands, closes her eyes, and belts out the chorus to "I Am Free" and "Joy."

She is the true meaning of God's redemption and healing power. I am INSPIRED by this lovely soul, and so after drying my eyes from tears of sharing in her pain and rejoicing in her triumphs, I got my key and wrote her a card. Last night at church, I took my key off my neck and gave it to her and gave her the card which kind of explained what the key was about and why. She led worship last night. I got to see her up there in God's aura and grace, belting out the most beautiful of sounds and being a truly captivating individual and wearing my key. My heart was overwhelmed and I was inspired all over again. Not everything happens for a reason but anything can be redeemed. And we aren't dead yet.


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