This Time

In 2010, my dad found my grandma dead outside of her house. She had been suffering from dementia for a while. She left her house at night and fell down a thorn hill, laid down in a puddle thinking she was going to bed and drowned in the little bit of water.

My dad was the youngest of 3 brothers, and the one who took care of my grandma her whole life. When she passed away it took a major toll on my dad. He started drinking, and over time he drank more and more. He became a heavy alcoholic. I vividly remember him falling over and slurring his words and having to order his dinner myself when he took me on a "daddy-daughter date".

In May of 2015 my dad went to rehab and when he came home a month later, he had changed, or so we thought. After I went on vacation I came home to find out that my Dad had started drinking again. A few months later he asked us to go back to rehab, and immediately that night we drove 4 hours to take him. He had lost his job, and we were filing for bankruptcy.

It is December now and my Dad is one month clean. I was beginning to think I was gonna be walking myself down the isle, and I was gonna lose my daddy. I BELIEVE in my heart that this time he will be okay. I received a Giving Key necklace with the word BELIEVE on it, and that's just what I'm doing .. Believing.

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