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A Whirlwind Of Change

2015 has been a whirlwind of change. I made the decision to leave a corporate marketing career and flip my world upside down with a complete career change, going back to school and moving overseas to London.

There were many roller coaster days, filled with happiness and tears. Lots of anxiety. Excitement. Second guesses. Fear. I remembered seeing The Giving Keys in San Diego and was incredibly touched and inspired by the concept. Right after I gave notice to my job in September, I bought the 'Courage' key for myself, already knowing exactly who I wanted to give it to when the time was right.

Three months have passed and today is the day. While wearing the key daily, I've not only been able to share the story of The Giving Keys with curious friends and family, but my key has served as a reminder that I am strong, grateful, empowered and brave.

Taking this leap of faith is going to be an amazing adventure. Today as I sit and write this, I am just hours away from leaving for the airport. I'll stop at the postoffice on my way and drop off my Courage key for my friend Ann Marie. We rarely are able to see one another any more, and she has been going through a tough time, specifically losing a dear family member. She was the first friend I had thought of when I first purchased the key, with an intent to share this little bit of love. 

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