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A Bathroom Drawer

I received my key three years ago as a gift. It says BELIEVE. I wore it everyday for about a month anxiously looking for the next owner. I knew it would be very obvious to me when I found that person. I prayed about it and prayed about it and wore it with open eyes searching, until it eventually ended up in a bathroom drawer... for nearly three years.

I work at a high school in Oklahoma. On November 23 (2015), one of our seniors had to be airlifted from the football field paralyzed from the chest down after breaking three vertebrae in his neck and back. His name is Hudson. The community immediately rallied around Hudson and his family believing and praying for a miracle and fundraising to cover the enormous medical expenses.

The day before the accident, we had picked up ten Israelis from the airport to participate in our student exchange program. They witnessed Hudson's accident and a week later I left with the Israelis and nine Oklahoma students bound for Washington DC, Philly, NYC and then Israel. I came across the key while packing and knew it was the perfect token to remind me to believe and pray for a miracle while on my travels. There were many reminders to pray along the way, like the Hudson News stand, and the Hudson Eats food court. I prayed for his miracle at the Western Wall while putting a prayer between the Jerusalem stone. That key traveled with me all the way to the Holy Land.

We were gone for three weeks. The night before we headed home, I was packing my bags and organizing my treasures. I pulled out the Belive key and was fiddling with it while praying for Hudson. I flipped the key over and noticed something I had never noticed before! My heart jumped and I got goose bumps and chills. I took a picture and quickly explained everything through tears on his aunt's Facebook page.

I would give this key to Hudson as soon as I returned home... because on one side, the key said BELIEVE, and on the other side, the key said HUDSON! #prayforhud

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