The Right Person

My husband decided to give his kidney to his sister, even though it was something I wasn't comfortable with. We have 7 kids and he works a tough job so I knew recovery would be difficult, especially two weeks before Christmas.

My best friend found a Strength key and gave it to my for an early Christmas gift the night before his surgery. He went through with it and had major complications. He and I spent the week after his surgery in the hospital away from the kids. We were home a few days before he had more complications. The kids spent Christmas opening gifts with my parents while we were taken back by ambulance to the hospital, two hours from home. The doctors got his complications under control and we were able to go home on December 29th.

A few hours after we got home, my mom called to tell me that a friend of mine, who I had known from the day I was born, was killed in a car accident. The victim, Lisa, had a younger sister, Lori. Lori and I were closer friends than Lisa and I, so I immediately went to her house. We talked and laughed and cried the rest of the night.

As that week went on, I realized I had to give her my Strength key. It wasn't until after the funeral and dinner, in the parking lot that we got time alone. I took the key off my neck, told her the story of The Giving Keys and put it on her. She will need Strength to help her parents as she is their only other child. She will need strength to help raise her two nieces. She will need more Strength than my key could give but after getting through a simple thing like a kidney donation, I knew she was the right person to give it to.

I didn't have any idea that I would have someone so close to me need that much Strength that soon after I got the key but I'm so glad I had it to give.

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