Help as She Helped Me

Over a year ago I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, and a good friend who supports Giving Keys sent me my key, "Fearless". It was the very first gift I got.

I wore it through thick and thin - 16 rounds of nasty chemo, two surgeries and 5 weeks of radiation, and so much uncertainty.

I helped a friend and colleague here at work, as well. She is a 10 year cancer survivor, but it came back a few months into my treatments. She fought it, and slowly recovered and went back to work.

But now it is back again, again metastasized in other places. Shes in treatment but scared just as I would be. I told her to be Fearless, and I'm here to help as she helped me, and in time, for her to pay it forward.

love to my sisters in pink xx