Endless Possibilties

I saw the story of your company via YouTube and I wish I had known about the giving keys last year. I was moved as I knew I would be leaving my husband after 5 years of marriage and a decade of being together. I never thought I had that strength, courage and bravery within myself to actually do it. He's a good guy, but no longer the one for me.

I had indeed lost who I was and desperately trying to find myself again. No longer would I put a man's needs before my own because I also gave away my power. No more. Not this girl.

At 43 years old, having never lived alone, I moved out November 28th, 2015. It took all of the bravery and courage I could muster. And I did it. I've been living with myself and our two dogs (sharing custody) for a little over 2 months. Truth be told, not sure if I could live with someone again as I enjoy the solace in my space. My space.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a boutique close to where I live and low and behold they sell The Giving Keys. I wanted the one with BRAVE across it. So I bought it. After I did though...something just didn't feel right.

Thinking about it post purchase, I realized I HAVE my bravery. I did something I never thought I could or would do. So I gifted it to a friend who is going through a similar yet very different situation with her soon to be ex-husband and child.

She opened her gift in front of me and as I was able to explain to her that I had FOUND my bravery, tears filled her eyes. I told her she was to keep it and wear it until she has found hers and then she needed to give it to someone else who was in need of finding THEIR bravery.

It was a very cool moment. Thank you for these keys. To some they just see a key on a chain...to me...I see endless possibilities.