Strength In All Situations

I have been looking for a gift for one of my best friends, who is going through a hard time. She has gone through so much these past few years: Her husbands drug addiction and all that goes with it, losing her house to a fire, her husband going to jail, and then having to kick him out 10 weeks after he came back. She is a faithful believer who only wants to serve God, and be the best wife and mother she can.

I have been trying to find something with 'Strength' written on it since Christmas. So I went to the store my coworker told me about and purchased two. I wore one for the rest of the day. I held it on and off and said prayers of Strength for my best friend. I prayed for her to have Strength as the new head of the household. I also asked that when she is feeling weak, that God shows her that He is her strength at all time.

I truly believe that she is one of the strongest people I know and wanted to give her the Strength key as a reminder of that.

I drove to where she was working today. I took the necklace off and handed it to her. I told her why I bought it for her and how it worked. I let her know I had prayed while holding it over and over today for Strength in all situations for her.