Strength to Forgive

I purchased the key Strength at a time when I was working through a betrayal from friends and business partners. It had been a very difficult time in my life and I didn't think I could ever have the Strength needed to forgive these people with whom I had been very close. Through much prayer, God lifted the burden from my heart and, although still hurt, I do believe I have forgiven.

In recent months, I noticed that a leader in our church was withdrawn. She was absent. When she was at church, she was crying. She was the heartbeat of our circle at church, but something has betrayed her heart. She is super thin and clearly broken. This week it became clear to me that although I'm not privy to the details, she needed this key of Strength and prayer so that she can work through the difficult concept of forgiveness. I slipped it to her as tears sprang to her eyes. I am also committing to pray for her on this journey.