Wreck and Bless

My name is Hannah Grace - I'm 22 years old and a stylist. Giving Keys are my absolutely favorite thing to give people and in the past 6 months I've given almost 10 away.

It all started in my apprenticeship program with my two mentors. I really felt words on my heart that these two people embodied, one was leader and the other was loved. With each key I give I write a letter explaining the word and how I feel they need to have that word for a season to feel seen and encouraged.

My words have ranged from beloved to cherished and favor. Usually in the car I talk to Jesus as if He were with me and pray for my co workers and that's when He has given me specific people and words they need to hear.

Every letter I've written has been driven by the Holy Spirit and I love to spend time on them and really uplift each person I'm gifting.

This company has absolutely shifted a place in my heart that has prompted me to give beyond my means and watch the seeds of love be planted into people around me. Each key wrecks me and blesses my heart that God would love me so much to give me words to touch other people, it is my honor to buy from this company and I cannot say thank you enough.