Far From Broken

I received my Courage Key from my sister for my birthday two years ago. I gave my key away last week to a co-worker.

My parents were divorced when I was 10. Growing up in a single parent house was challenging, more for my mom than myself. She always sheltered us from the drama that was their marriage. I really never knew of the emotional strain and financial impact the divorce had on her. I know they went to court and went through a custody hearing, however I never knew what truly was happening.

I know now as an adult how painful the divorce was for my mom, how difficult things were for her. The choice she made to live her life with us and without my dad was one that I will always treasure and appreciate. The lessons in life I have learned from "having" to be independent and not rely on anyone are lessons that have carried me through challenging times.

This back story leads me to my key - last year my co-worker made the difficult decision of getting a divorce. I have recently learned more about her situation over the last few months. I gave her my key for Courage because I know first hand what it is like to grow up in a "broken" home. My home was far from broken because of my mom and because of her decision. The steps that a woman, wife, mother has to take to give a better life to her children is one of incredible Courage.

Often, there is such harsh criticism of these women (and men too) and I wanted her to know how incredible I thought she was for taking the step to give her kids a life that was better than what they were in. I wanted her to know that even in her hardest days, that she needs to stay strong and know that her decision was, is and will be the best one she could make for herself and her boys. My co-worker was completely taken by surprise and we both cried as I gave her this key. This mission your company is on, is amazing and I am truly grateful to have shared some joy, hope and appreciation to my friend.