A Little Key

I bought my Giving Key in August of 2015. A friend of mine form church told me about the keys, and I thought it was perfect for me because I wear a necklace with a cross charm, and I was looking for something else to put on it.

I bought the Fearless key. I chose it because at the time, I had a lot going on within my family and someone very close to me was dying, and I was scared. I was pretty much drowned in fear. When I read the little canvas that was sitting beside the keys I thought about how God could teach me how to be Fearless through him, by using the key.

I prayed every day since around November on who needed the same message I received. He never pointed out who to give it to until February 19, 2016. I was in Oceanography class with my teacher and we were cleaning out a fish tank. She is a part of my FCA group for the county that I live in, so we got to talking about our Christian walk and what characteristics God has us working on.

She told me that lately God was telling her to work on her fears, to trust in him, put her fears behind her, and to be Fearless. I knew right then that I was meant to give my key to her.

I will give my key to her on Monday, and I will always be there for her during her walk with God and as she becomes Fearless. I thank God everyday for allowing me to come across The Giving Keys and teaching me how to be fearless through a little key.