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A Decision to Live

I am now wearing my third Giving Key. I purchased my first one after seeing Kristin Armstrong's testimony at If:Gathering in 2014. It said "Forgive".

After wearing that key for a year, and becoming separated from my husband, I passed it on to a dear friend who had recently broken off a two-year relationship.

I wanted to get another key that said "hope" as I prayed in hope of my marriage being restored. I kept looking at the website and waiting. Money was tight. Then one evening, my pastor's wife gave me a Christmas gift. It was a Giving Key that said, you guessed it, "Hope".

It reminds me that there is always Hope, even in the presence of dire circumstances. I wore that one for about 18 months. Then I met a precious girl who was making a decision to live, after wanting to die for some time.

We began to meet regularly and develop a friendship, and one day, when she was sharing that she had very little hope for her future, I took off my key and gave it to her. When I see her, she is always wearing it. It reminds us both to hope for her.

The most recent and third key I got says "Verve." I had just read Beth Moore's book called Audacious. Verve is a synonym for audacity. I want to be someone, who when I leave this earth, people say "She had verve." So that is how I will pray. With VERVE.

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