Like Armor

In Nov. 2015 my husband and I went in for our 12 week ultrasound (our first baby, who was a complete surprise!). It was with great excitement and nervous energy that we walked into that appointment, ready to make our news public.

Unfortunately, our baby had passed away and would not ever get to feel all the love we had for her. We cried for days. While I had little time to process, one thing remained: my faith in God. The next morning I woke to a voice saying "It'll be okay." I kept that sentiment close to heart leading up to my procedure and vividly remember waking up with a name on my heart, Faith Anne.

We never knew if baby was a boy or a girl, nor did we ever discuss this name. But, I knew I needed to remember this angel baby that came and went so quickly from my life. So, I purchased a Giving Key - Faith. It helped me get through the worst days that followed.

The day came for me to pass it along in Feb. 2016.

I wrote this letter: "I've been holding onto this for the past few months since I miscarried Faith in November. I wanted something that I could hold/touch that reminded me of my baby and how far I'd come. I didn't want to just forget because I know that there was a purpose for it good, bad or ugly and God was working on me through it. While every day isn't a happy day where I don't mourn the loss of my child, I know I am in a much better place.

This necklace helped. I wore it like armor on days when I felt weak and on the brink of a an emotional breakdown. That's something I hope it does for you. You are fighting your own battle now and while it is different from mine, you need the same thing I did. You need FAITH. FAITH that things will work out according to God's plan for you, FAITH that you are strong enough to handle all that life throws at you and FAITH that some day you will pass this necklace to another who needs it more.

I pray all these things before passing it along to you and I hope you do the same. And when the time is right, pass it to someone else..."