Never Forget You Are Loved

In August of 2012 I started my first year of college. It started out great but I found myself slowly slipping into a crippling depression. I began to self-harm again and felt as if I had no friends or anybody to turn to for help. I also started to hate myself, I couldn't even look in mirror with out crying and wanting to cut. Soon my best friend Aidan learned about my cutting relapse. He helped me to realize that I was surrounded by people who cared about me deeply and didn't want to see me hurt myself. I decide to buy myself a key engraved with "LOVE." It became a constant reminder that I was surrounded by people who loved me and it also helped me to learn to love myself. 

After months of wearing my key everyday, I finally beat my depression. But now Aidan wasn't having such a great time. His parents were going through a very rough divorce and it was as if his entire world was crashing down around him. It seemed like all the people that loved him were turning their backs on him. Aidan's mother even had the police called on him and kicked him out of his own home. He was constantly fighting with his family and in a very bad place. It was very hard for me to see my best friend in such a terrible situation. I did everything in my power to help him but one night I realized what I needed to do. I gave him my "LOVE" key so he could have a reminder that I loved him and so did his family, even if it doesn't seem like they do all the time. He now wears it everyday and his outlook on life has gotten much brighter knowing that he has people who will have his back no matter what. He tells me now that his friends are his family.

Aidan, I love you so much. Stay strong.


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