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The Times She May Stumble

As a police officer I often deal with difficult situations. As a woman in law enforcement these situations are often amplified. I received a necklace from my cousin for Christmas with the word "Strength". Like others, I have been through a lot in my short 27 years, and struggle daily. This necklace was so heartfelt and amazing and I wore it everyday.

A fellow police officer I knew in the area was fighting her own battle on the Homefront. Her husband (also a police officer) was diagnosed with brain cancer and rapidly getting worse. The woman was a true hero, between taking care of her husband and her 2 and 5 year old girls, she fought for her husbands life.

He unfortunately succumbed to the horrible disease and in the midst of this I went to see her. On my way I grabbed at my necklace as I do often do and looked down at the word imprinted into it. Strength. I could not begin to fathom me what my friend and fellow women in blue was dealing with and decided there that it was time to pay it forward.

I gave her this key to remind her of the strength that I know she has deep inside her. For the days that she struggles, and the times she may stumble it is an immediate reminder that she can, and will get through this.

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