The Purpose

I ordered my first Giving Key for myself several weeks ago. A dainty bracelet with the word "trust." Trust has been my biggest weakness - trusting in myself as well as others. I put it on immediately and didn't take it off.

The tiny dangling key as a reminder of what I wanted to accomplish each day. I knew I was ready. Yet, I found myself becoming more aware of situations in which I was already trusting my instincts, my intuition, and those I loved. The key was to notice them and not be full of self doubt.

Then suddenly, at a gymnastics meet for my daughter, I went to applaud the efforts of a young girl and found the bangle bare. The key was missing, but the hook on the bangle was intact. How could it have slid off without the latch opening? Of course I looked around but it was gone. I felt so sad for a brief moment, then remembered the purpose behind the Giving Keys. It wasn't mine to keep, and surely this was a sign someone needed this trust token more than myself.

Maybe I should order a new key..."found."