Be Safe, Be Strong

I recently went on a mission trip to Honduras as part of the 1nation1day campaign. While there, we had a armed guard and police officer with us at all times. Part of me fell in love with our police office whose name is Noe.

One day while talking at lunch (through a translator) I learned he wanted to leave the police force and come to America because he was concerned for his safety, working with so many corrupt police officers. He feared they would try to kill him if he did not join them. This stayed heavy on my heart for the rest of the week while I was there. As our friendship grew, I because increasingly worried for his safety.

On the last night before we left, I presented him with my STRENGTH key to remind him of me and to give him extra strength to withstand the bad policemen around him. I also promised him I would do whatever I could to help him leave the police force and come to America. We keep in contact through texts and Facebook. I pray for God's strength and whatever extra I have to give, to be given to him every day and he is kept safe. I'm thankful for my necklace and having had the privilege of sharing it to him so a little bit of me can stay with him forever... or till he decided to pass it on.