The Mandate to Create

While working with teens across our city in support of foster children, I was given a key with the word "Create" inscribed on it, and was challenged to live up to the inscription until I found the person who next needed this key. 

Those who know me know that my relationship with God often takes on a Churchill-esque quality. Soft words, big-stick, wicked sense of humor. I am often reminded of the drowning man who prays for help yet fails to recognize Him time and time again, until at last he drowns. 

Conflict brewed. People believed I could and should be creating something new, but I believed God was calling me to support those in the community who are already doing great works, and to put my personal time towards helping teens and families in pain from addiction, financial loss, and family transition. 

I listened to that calling, and as for my key, it has been kept safe, waiting for the person who was ready to create something new for this world. 

I never did create anything new, but perhaps the new beginnings of those who I've helped satisfies the charter of this gift. I am so blessed to work every day with teens, adults, and families in pain and transition through my volunteer efforts and through my work.

It was my pleasure this morning to pass this key, and all the promise of those who held tight before me, to my friend Mari Ann Perusek. In passing this key to her, I affirm my belief in her talent and her dreams.