Be Happy

BE HAPPY - It's the key to life.

It was just a key. A key with two small words on it. On a necklace. But these two words reminded me every day to be thankful and happy. To love life the way I want to. 

When I received my key a year ago, I really needed this reminder to myself. You shouldn't go a day without smiling. There's always something to smile about and a reason to love life. You can achieve everything you want if you believe in yourself and give happiness to others. My key made me smile every time I wore it or saw it. I never thought there would come the time to give it away. 

One day, very suddenly, my best friend's mother died. It was completely unexpected and my friend is having a pretty rough time now. At this moment, I knew the key wasn't mine anymore. It's hers now. To remind her to be happy even though she doesn't have her mother by her side. To remind her how beautiful life can be and to give her the strength to go through this struggle. To teach her how to smile again. 

Just two words with such a powerful meaning.

Believe in it. Believe in yourself. Believe in happiness.

I did and the key helped me. Now it'll help someone else. And when she meets someone else who needs happiness she will give it away.

Who knows, maybe it will go around the world and can end up to be your necklace.

We'll see.

BE HAPPY - It's the key to life. 

- Mel from Germany