A Blessing In My Life

Beyond words, Luke has touched my life and made me a better person!! As if he could not grow on me anymore, he gave me something that I will cherish. The key is not just some gold key you wear around your neck, to me it means a very special bond, a true friendship. Ever since I saw him step out of that limo on my TV screen, and he flashed that unforgettable smile.... I just got a strange feeling; that he was something special. And boy, God must have surely been telling me something!! I'd like to believe I now have a new little brother. I still can not stop crying when i look at it!! Because he gave me a key, I am now gifting him with one that says BLESSED. Blessed, because he has been such a blessing to my life and for allowing me to be a part of his! I hope our friendship grows into something special and I will cherish the bond that our keys have given us!!! Thank you Luke!