A Message of Love

I bought my key when I was feeling a lot of anger around a situation in my life. I would meditate with the key to try to bring more forgiveness and life to the situation. I feel like that really helped to resolve that conflict in my life. It allowed me to forgive and to be at peace with what is. 
I also trusted that when the time presented itself, I would know exactly who needed the key next. 
A few days ago there was a tragic car accident on the highway outside of our town. A young man, thirty-two years old, was on his way to work when the car hit some ice and crossed the center line. The passenger side was hit dead on, and he was killed instantly. I am a family friend, having been friends with two of his brothers and having spent time with his parents. His mom is also best friends with my best friend and his brother married my friend. So even though I didn't really know him, I feel connected with his family. He was also a good friend of my husband's from high school. 
I really wanted to bring over some food to the family to let them know I was thinking of them. I meditated, sending love to the deceased and his family, and suddenly I thought of my Love key. I visualized giving it to his mom, and my body instantly filled with goose bumps. 
I was able to explain the key and give it to her when I went to visit. I told her that I was just the messenger and that this message was supposed to reach her – whatever it meant to her or what that message was I wasn't sure. 
I believe that because I wasn't in as much grief as all the friends and family, I was able to receive the message from the young man and to pass it on to his mom for him. I feel crazy even saying that, but that is how I feel. I also felt like I needed to pick up cinnamon buns which I found out were his son's favorite. 
When I left her house, she said when the time comes, she will pass the key along but that she really needed it right now. I hugged her told her to keep it as long as she needed. I love you.