My Source of Hope and Strength

My daughter, who is an amazing young lady, sent me a link to The Giving Keys. I was diagnosed with MS six years ago, and it has been quite a difficult journey. Being a single parent, having lost the love of my life two years ago, I was gifted with wonderful children and wonderful friends who have been there for me. They have given me strength, courage, and hope. My daughter has given me the strength and courage to continue being the mom that I am and to always be there for her. Lauren (Laur for short) has given me hope – hope that one day MS will have a cure and that NF2, which is what her daughter was diagnosed with, will also have a cure. My daughter has inspired me to continue being strong and amazing. I have gifted each of them a key. Laur the key of Hope, and Melanie the key of Dream. For two very special people.