A Motto for 2017

I purchased the Fearless Giving Key about six months into starting a new business. The mission of the business was to create jobs for young people aging out of foster care. One of the young people we hired was Morris. Morris was working a graveyard shift at a recycling plant. We could see he had a ton of talent so we hired him to create our social media strategies and web design. He worked with us for about six months before continuing on to a new job where he is now CRUSHING it. Christmas is a difficult time for young people that have experienced foster care, so we open our homes to whoever needs a place to come on Christmas Eve. This year my gift to Morris was my Fearless Giving Key. I told him the story behind The Giving Keys and could see how excited he was about it. When I got home that night, he texted me the picture of his Fearless key, along with "My motto for 2017."