A Seven Letter Word That Spoke Volumes

I received my Giving Key from my dearest friend.

I didn't know it or want to believe it at the time, but I was in a abusive relationship. I had given up, and refused to acknowledge my problems, rather just trying to avoid them altogether. I threw myself into my school and work, struggling to make it through a simple day without feeling like my world was closing in.

My best friend was able to help me and guide me through this dark chapter of my life. For Christmas, she passed on her key, BREATHE, and I accepted it with tears in my eyes.

To this day, that key reminds me no matter my sorrows, problems, or shortcomings to just BREATHE. Tomorrow is another day, another journey, and I will get through it. For me, this was by far the greatest gift I could have ever received: a simple word that gave me a sense of calm and peace. A seven letter word that spoke volumes to my life and how I wanted to live it. So, to anyone struggling, BREATHE, your time is just begun. You are capable, strong, and beautifully made. So BREATHE, and get moving.