The Depth Of Our Loss

I was out running errands one Saturday while my husband was going out for a cycle with his buddies. On route home, I received a phone call from one of his friends saying that there had been an accident.

I initially giggled a little, as my hubbie always had a story to tell after a cycle about a near miss, but my giggle went to panic when his friend said, "No, they are working on him."

I immediately drove home, grabbed my adult daughter and we drove to the accident site. We were greeted by the ambulance staff: 


"Sorry for what?" I asked. 

"Sorry for your loss."

And then it hit me. He was gone. We were cared for by many that day and our house was an open door leading up to his service. Our good friends came by the following morning. Cristina handed me a box. I opened it and in it found the key necklace with the word STRENGTH engraved on it.

She lost her husband suddenly 10 years ago, and knew the depth of our loss. I wear this daily, and hold it when I am faced with a moment of emotion. And it helps, as crazy as it sounds. It helps.

So thank you - to The Giving Keys, to my friends, and to so many who share their sorrows.