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A Story About Courage

A Story About Courage

I was diagnosed with stage 3 sarcoma cancer on my pancreas at the age of 27. Upon diagnosis, one of my best friends sent me a Giving Key that said COURAGE as someone gave it to her in a difficult season. I wore it everyday only taking it off for scans. I had two surgeries and four rounds of chemotherapy and on December 13, 2017, I was declared cancer free and have been ever since!

Two weeks after, I had a friend who lost her husband who was my age. The key had traveled with me when I needed it and now someone else needed it more and it was sent to her. Love, hope, and faith gave me courage and strength to persevere through the hardest season of my life. This last year I celebrated my 30th birthday, 5-year wedding anniversary, and two years cancer free! I think I need a milestone key now that says GRATEFUL as a daily reminder of all that I have to be thankful for! - Nicole

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