A True Inspiration

A year and half ago I asked for a Giving Key for Christmas because I loved the meaning behind them and I needed some inspiration in my life. I received the HOPE key.

A few months later I felt very content with my life and didn't need that Hope anymore, but I knew someone else that did. A very close family friend needed HOPE more than I did. She was battling cancer for a few years at this point and was starting to give up. She didn’t have the easiest life, as she lost her son to a drunk driver 20 years prior.

Despite having lost her son and battling cancer, she still remained the kindest and most thoughtful person I have ever known. She always remained positive, spiritual and so happy no matter what kind of day she was having.

So last year, I decided to write her a letter and give her my HOPE key because I thought she needed more than I did. From that day forward she never took the key necklace off and would tell everyone the story behind it.

A few days ago she passed away and she is still wearing the HOPE necklace. The Giving Keys are a true inspiration and I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to pay it forward to someone else who really cherished the key and meaning.


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