A Weight Off My Shoulders

My beautiful friend, who was my biggest support in a tough time gave me a 'believe' lock necklace. 

My husband and I became pregnant in 2014 with twins and devastatingly lost one bub in the first trimester. After a very hard pregnancy, I then went through the most traumatic birth with our beautiful boy. He received 9 fractures through his ribs and 3 collasped discs in his spine.

Our little warrior baby boy Elijah Joshua grew fast and strong and then in 216 we lost another set of twins and a single bub! Coping with the grief and looking after our two boys Xavier '2' and Elijah '1' was beyond exhausting and mentally and emotionally I was drained.

After receiving this amazin gift, I felt a peace come into my heart and a weight off my shoulders. I knew I'd be ok and I'm now pregnant again! 

One of my beautiful friends mum has just passed away from cancer and I feel the need to pass on my lock to her and encourage her to believe in her angel mum watching over her each day! 

That heaven is real and she will meet her mum again one day up there. Praying over my lock necklace that it will bring her peace and comfort in this time.