A Word To Help Me Through My Journey

In July of 2015, I unfortunately was the victim of sexual assault. For a long time I felt like I couldn't trust myself, my judgement, really anything or anyone for that matter. I am a strong woman that has her life together; how could this have happened to me. It didn't make any sense, and thus I felt lost.

That same year at Christmas time, I was shopping in a local boutique, and I came across The Giving Keys. The brand immediately spoke to me and as I was looking through the collection the store carried, I found the word I needed at the time. FEARLESS. I wore it as a constant reminder to not live in fear of what may happen or what people may think. It gave me the strength to go one with my life and change my perception of myself from a victim to a survivor. I wore it every day until recently when I decided that I needed a new word to help me with my journey through life. 

Shortly after taking my key off, a friend of mine became a victim of domestic violence. I decided to pass the key onto her. Although I know she is strong and doesn't live in fear, sometimes it can take months for us to realize just how these things affect us. I only hope that this gives her the strength that it did me.