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Never Let Go Of Hope

I am a high school English teacher. I've had my Giving Key for quite awhile and wondered if I would actually end up giving it away. To be honest, I loved it so much that I didn't want to!

Well, today it happened. A student approached me after class and explained that her mom, who had fought cancer for quite awhile, was dying and given a month. A sixteen-year-old losing her a mom. She should be worrying about college, the SATs and Snapchat, not the prospect of losing her mother at such a young age. I lost my grandfather to cancer a few years back; it was tragic, difficult and such an emotional time in my life. However, he watched his children grow up, have babies and then their babies have babies. I'm currently pregnant with my second child and just immediately felt so much emotion for this family. I was sobbing; I just felt so helpless.

My Key popped into my brain, and I knew this was the time. I explained to her what a Giving Key was, and that mine was etched with the word HOPE. She started to sob, and I asked to please never give up her HOPE. Ever. To know that she is loved and supported. We were both sobbing messes, hugging one another. I know how much my Key reminded me to keep hope and never let go of that, and my wish is that it has the same result for her.

Tonight, I bought a new key with the word FEARLESS inscribed on it. It was my word of the year and will be my mantra for my approaching birth. I just want to thank you as an awesome company, and hope you know that you are a company that inspires and brings hope to this world. It's something we all need more of! 


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