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Aijia Grammer x #BlackoutHomelessness

I want to help end homelessness because I believe those without homes have a right to live better lives than our country is able to provide them with right now. We all have a responsibility to the homeless communities in our areas.


I want to contribute in whatever ways I can to help end the issue of homelessness facing this country. Even if it’s on a small scale, I know every effort can make a difference.  One of the ways I’m trying to create change this year is by purchasing the majority of my holiday gifts from The Giving Keys. 

By contributing to a business intent on ending homelessness, I know I'm helping create a sustainable solution within Los Angeles by creating jobs for those in need so they can ultimately help themselves.

Sometimes we go about our lives and forget that we are so fortunate to have the things we have. I believe we can fix this problem in our lifetimes if we commit to solving it.

My Matte Black Key says "PURPOSE."

I chose it because I feel a personal duty to serve my highest PURPOSE, and when I’m doing that I feel most aligned with my creator. One of my life's purpose is to do women’s work. I have always been an outspoken and strong woman, and I feel it is my job to advocate for women who cannot advocate for themselves.


It’s something I write about a lot in my music, this idea that women are powerful and fierce. I teach this message at ‘Rock Camp For Girls,’ where I work with young girls who are becoming musicians, artists and leaders. It’s what grounds me. When I do things tied in with my PURPOSE, I feel like I’m on track. I love that my key is there to remind me of who I am.

I passed my key on to Vanessa Beletic, the brilliant mind that directed my music video.  The video featured women who have experienced sexual abuse or harassment and their allies. She had this incredible idea of what my music should look like on film - and she was spot on. She helped me find brave women of all shapes, colors and sizes and gave them a voice and a place to tell their stories.

The day we made the video was so powerful and I'm grateful she was there serving her PURPOSE. I know that one of her gifts is the ability to clearly see people and reflect back to them the most strong and beautiful versions of themselves. It’s her superpower. I wanted to remind her that her PURPOSE is big and I’m so lucky to have witnessed it in action.

You can watch our music video “For You” below.



I want to remind people that there are still good people and good things happening around us. There is a lot going on in our country and in the world right now. With social media being so prevalent, we can get weighed down by the enormity of all the things that need our attention.


I want people to feel like they don’t have to tackle the whole world’s problems, but if they can do good and be purposeful in their social circles and in their small worlds, it can greatly affect the world as a whole. Kindness and love have high vibrational frequencies, they make people feel good. When you create that for someone else, they want to continue that feeling by doing the same for others. And it ripples out from there.


Pay it forward...


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Through the purchase of your Pay It Forward products, The Giving Keys has generated hours of work for people transitioning out of homelessness.