Alexandre Manila x The Giving Keys #Love

Alexandre Manila x The Giving Keys #Love

I have

Received a Giving Key

With the word


My Story

in 2017, a couple and their daughter were with my mother at the scene of her accident. as ways to go, having a priest, a pastor, and their daughter holding Mom’s hands brought a sense of peace that she was being watched over when she took her last breath. the family lovingly organized a large enough venue for Mom’s memorial and conducted the ceremony for us.

knowing i had lost my guy only a year prior, i was touched a month later when, for Christmas, i received a Giving Key from the family with LOVE stamped on it. i wore this key every day for five years.

fast forward to September 2022, attending a memorial show of my gogo brother and drag sister, LaSaveona Hunt. a friend and i ended up backstage after the show, counting and prepping the thousands of dollars (keyword one-dollars) to get turned into the bank; multiple industrial tubs were overflowing with cash. with the club LaSaveona and i used to work at together bouncing, the counting continued until nearly 4am!

when i got home, i realized: i didn’t have my key! after texting the bar manager, it was nowhere to be found. with all the love in the sendoff for LaSaveona, there could never be enough, and I finally accepted that it was time for me to pay it forward to my dear sister.

fast forward again, to last month, and the Ladie Chablis text me a photo, asking if i had left something in the dressing room. after clearning out the dressing room for the final time, something brought Chablis back inside, and she found a key hanging on the mirror.

unfortunately, as of this year, both Ladie Clablis and i have lost our mothers. in picking up my key from her this afternoon, it gave me the chance to give her a Giving Key of her own: STRENGTH.

LaSaveona, i don’t know what else you might have in store for us, but i absolutely believe you orchestrated this to happen just as it did! i’m reminded yet again how eternally grateful i am to call you my friend and how extraordinary things do happen when you look for them!

Alexandre Manila
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