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All The Strength In The World

Strength. Something that everyone thinks they don't have, but never really see just how much they DO have of it. As a teacher, I see hundreds of students a day that show such tremendous strength in their daily lives that it becomes second nature to them. Enter Karsyn. When I began my teaching job, I met a young tennis playing, fun-loving, energetic, ecstatic lady that was new to the school just like I was. She quickly became quite literally attached to me, as she has NO boundaries when it comes to personal space. 

In getting to know Karsyn, I quickly found out her struggles and became a confidant & safe place for her. In hearing her worries and fears, I realized that her struggles were my own when I was her age, & it became clear that God put me here for her. I slowly began to mentor her. I told her bluntly my story of how I ended up in the area: verbal abuse, bad choice, ran away and started over. Everything.

There are people that come into your life that are special, & I have no doubt that she is one of them. I am not sure where I would be in this world had God not uprooted her entire life and family to come to Texas. She recently has had some huge life changes and struggles, & was thrown into utter chaos. As I worried & watched from afar, waiting for her to break, I noticed something inside of her that I don't even think she knew she had. When her world was seemingly falling apart, she stood up as a pillar of strength. She was hurt & confused & showed all of those emotions, but she CHOSE everyday not to surrender to those & to be strong. To still be HERSELF, even when she wasn't sure who that was at that particular moment. It was then that I knew my work was done. She was stronger than I ever was at that age, but I knew she would need strength as she continued the path of deciding colleges, graduation, and life. I gifted my key to her so she could fully understand that she has all the strength in the world, and should never question that again.


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