An Angel Of Strength

I purchased this key as a symbol of the person I have become. Several years ago, an Angel came into my life to teach me unconditional love, acceptance, and most importantly - strength. For sometime I relied on this special person in my life for strength. I borrowed her strength for sometime until I could find my own.

Today, I know I have the strength to overcome any obstacle in my life. I find strength in knowing that within me, I can find answers/solutions to any obstacles that come my way. I am the solution!

I will forever be indebted and grateful to this special friend who has come into my life and has changed me forever. Now, at this difficult time in her life, as she's had a very special person pass away, I am giving her the KEY of STRENGTH.

As a special note to her, "I will be your strength when you can't find it. I will ALWAYS be here for you!"