True Picture Of Bravery

I have given and received several Giving Keys. Here are 2 stories to help shed some tears...

Our daughter has Type 1 Diabetes, a muscle and nerve disease. Each year we walk for JDRF and our team is "Hope for AnnaGrace". HOPE is everything. HOPE sustains us.

We are very close family friends with the 14th Commander of AirForce One. He was diagnosed with grade 4 Glioblastoma. Our sweet AnnaGrace gave her HOPE necklace to them. She said they needed it more than she did. She knows how powerful HOPE is. It is hanging in their house where they see it daily. He is in the final days and in the fight of his life. HOPE.

The second key I gave away was given to me by my children with the word BRAVE. My own husband retired from the Air Force as an aviator after 22 years and he was in all the Middle Eastern conflicts. Our daughter has endured years of living in the hospital without answers or treatment. One of my sons is pursuing his PhD in Montana (so far from home) in BioChemistry and our other son just completed his Army Training. They say I am BRAVE because of how I support them.

We were flying to see our son in Montana and a young Soldier was returning from 1 year in the Middle East. He was headed home to pack up and be moved by the military to another location with other long deployments. I gave him my BRAVE necklace because he is the true picture of Bravery. 

I am sappy symbolic and I love The Giving Keys, the story, the initiative and the purpose. My all time favorite company!


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