Aspen Lewis x The Giving Keys #LoveIs

Aspen Lewis x The Giving Keys #LoveIs

What does LOVE mean to you?

Love has meant many things to me over my 22 years! I have learned that when you love someone you put their needs and well-being before thinking of your own. This is the selfless kind of love that most people nowadays stray away from. I personally don't think this kind of love only has to exist in romantic relationships. I have shown this love and been shown this type of love in friendships and with family members. Being able to give this type of love should not be taken lightly. I have also found that giving this kind of love can get you hurt by the people you grow to love the most. This is why I have learned to love myself fully and be confident in myself so I can practice self love while also giving love to the most important people in my life. You won't ever be able to love other people in your life fully if you do not fully love yourself!

What is your love language?

I am pretty much equal with acts of service and quality time. If you know me I always stretch myself thin because I have a hard time saying no to people. I have always said I would much rather experience something with my partner than them by me, something only I would use! It makes sense why receiving gifts comes in at 0% on my love language test. However, words of affirmation and physical touch were also tied. I am a very touchy person when I am in a healthy loving relationship. I do love to be able to hear how my partner is feeling. Great communication is always the key to a successful relationship.

When you think of love, who is someone in your life that comes to mind?

This one is harder for me because I am very blessed to have great examples of love in my life. I would say my grandpa who I call pawpaw! He has been a big part of my life since I was born. He has always been the best example of what love should look like for me! He is so patient and forgiving with my grandma! He loves so freely + doesn’t ever expect anything in return!

Share your favorite way to show someone you love them.

My favorite way to show them that I love them is to spend quality time with them or to do something for them! I value quality time so much more since I am working in my dream career and that does keep me busy. I always try to prioritize quality time whether it's a facetime with my long-distance boyfriend while I am getting ready for work or going to spend an hour with my grandparents before I go into work!

What word is on your key? What does it mean to you?

My word is GRACE! I felt like this word was perfectly fitting since it kept coming up so much in my vocabulary the past couple of months! I have been practicing grace so much more with myself and with the people in my life! Giving grace to others and yourself can take many forms. To me, it has been mostly not being too hard on myself and giving myself grace in situations where I may fall short or encouraging others to give themselves grace and not be so hard on themselves!

Tell us the story of how you have passed on your key or how you plan to pass it on.

I plan to pass on my key to someone I see in my life that struggles with giving themselves grace! I think wearing a piece of jewelry that can be a constant reminder is the perfect way to pass on your key!

Bio: I'm Aspen Lewis. I have been born + raised in middle Tennessee right outside of Nashville! I have always loved fashion since I was very young! Being raised predominantly by my single mom she showed me what a strong woman should look like and I always try to embody that every day! I went to college in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and then chose to move back to the Nashville area following graduation to pursue my dream of going to cosmetology school! I now work at my dream salon in downtown Nashville while still pursuing my content creation + fashion dreams through social media!

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