Be Real and Vulnerable Every Day

In 2015, my word was BRAVE.... 
"Be Real and Vulnerable Every Day"
This is where my journey began. I would have to choose on a daily basis if I wanted to live a life where I would keep my feelings to myself or if I would be BRAVE (real and vulnerable) no matter how uncomfortable it would be. Many times, it was hard to be completely honest with others about my true feelings, but I would look at my BRAVE Giving Key and choose to do it. 
Fast forward... I woke up one day this week and God told me I would give my BRAVE Giving Key away that day. 

Later that day, I was in a team meeting and a team member was sharing how they hadn't realized how they were numb to certain feelings they were having. It was a very brave conversation on their part – to be raw in front of a group of peers; to admit you were wrong; to ask for forgiveness and trust – brave on every level. I looked down and began to cry, and my eye caught the BRAVE key. I took the key from my neck, walked around the Board room table and gave the team member the key. I began to cry and shared my journey earlier with the Lord. I shared the acronym. I shared that just as they had been brave in this room with us, it was the beginning of a brave time in their life. Every time they looked at the key it would remind them to be brave.


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