Be Strong, Be Happy, Be Me

I left home at a young age due to my chosen lifestyle. I've been distanced from my mom for ten years now. I miss my mom. Throughout my late teens and early twenties, I've struggled with staying in one place, creating a home for myself, holding down a job that I enjoy or could tolerate, and keeping myself safe. I am now 28 with a child of my own – she's five. Having gone through recent misfortunes and a very rough path, we've started to overcome it. I've had my job, at Starbucks, in good-standing for a year now. I've even made my way to Shift Supervisor within this year. I did a lot to prove myself. When these necklaces came into the store, I saw the Be Giving Key, which I thought was appropriate. I purchased the necklace for myself – to remind myself and others to Be Strong, Be Happy and Be Me. This product is a beautiful idea, thank you for my necklace.