Believe That Confidence Can Do Wonders

Believe That Confidence Can Do Wonders

In 2016, the founder of the company I was working for suddenly passed away. Although it was unexpected, we did have a succession plan in place, which immediately moved me into the role of President, CEO and sole owner of the business. It was literally a change of responsibility overnight.

I was given a “Giving Key” with the word Believe inscribed on it, as a reminder to Believe... specifically in myself and my capabilities to step up and run the company. This key has been near and dear to my heart over the past 4 years, keeping me grounded in self-confidence, both during times of success and times of challenges.

Just recently, a friend of mine found out that her 9-year-old son Cooper has a cancerous brain tumor. Though in the early stages of this journey, she's already proven to be strong and brave. She has a positive outlook and an unwavering confidence that is admirable in this situation, and she has inspired me with her grace and grit.

I am gifting this key to her and her family, not as a reminder to Believe that her son will get through this - he will, we just know it - but as a reminder that even in a time of struggle, she has helped me continue to Believe that confidence can do wonders.

- Trish

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