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You Are Brave Enough

You Are Brave Enough

My good friend Karie started chemo at MD Anderson in Houston on December 26, 2020.

Her cancer was discovered when she went to the hospital with symptoms due to COVID and an X-ray revealed a mass on her chest. All alone in the hospital, this single mom of three teenage daughters had to cope with her situation and was sent home to recover from COVID before she could start tests to determine her type of cancer and treatment course.

She has a very rare form of Lymphoma and decided it would be best to travel to Houston from Oklahoma City twice a month for six months, and due to COVID she will often make this trip alone. Her doctors are very encouraging but have warned her this is a very aggressive form of Chemo, including one named the Red Devil, so she is obviously very concerned and anxious about her girls and her job as she fights this battle.

When I received my key a few weeks ago and read about gifting the key I looked at my word BRAVE and immediately thought of Karie. On Christmas Day, I gave her the key and she took this photo the following day on her first day of chemo. Hopefully this key will encourage her when she is alone in Houston facing this extraordinary battle.


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