Bonded By A Greater Love

The story I share is not mine, but my husbands. He's served 20 years with the Dallas Police Department, 10 years with SWAT.

The night of July 7, 2016 when a gunman took to the streets and terrorized the city during a peaceful protest, he was there. Like all police officers, he's trained to stay strong in tough circumstances. He was a rock.

Then he saw an interview of woman who was shot that night. She spoke of being the mother of black boys and how she talked with them about interacting with police. She believed taking her boys that night was being part of history. When the shots started ringing out, she was separated from her family and came face to face with a police officer who got her to a safe place. Other officers physically laid on top of her to make sure she was protected from the gunfire. Moments later she saw the officer who originally warned her struck down. A bullet hit her leg and she was taken to the same hospital with the officers. She began to pray for them and their families. Her words broke my husband.

This man of steel was reduced to tears as he listened to the pain in her voice. He saw a goodness in her soul and he wanted to talk to her and make sure she was OK. He knew that no one else would be able to understand what she went through. So he started his mission to find her. After multiple phone calls and messages he was able to set up a time to talk face to face. He asked me if he should take something to her, but we couldn't image what would be an appropriate in the circumstance.

Then I remembered my key.

I'm a fan of Bob Goff and LOVE The Giving Keys mission. I've given them to friends but selfishly wanted one myself. When the LOVE DOES key email came I immediately ordered it. The book had such an impact on me.

It was the perfect gift. She loved it. She's starting a long road of rehab and told my husband the key would remind her she has support. Both said they felt like old friends. Brought together by hate, bonded by a greater love.


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