Breathe and It Will Be Ok

I didn't own my key long. Maybe a total of 3 months. I wore my key everyday with pride and understanding the concept. On July 3rd of 2015 I was eating lunch with my family in Ocean City, Maryland shen I received the call that forever broke my heart.

My dear friend George was in a fatal motorcycle accident. I attended the funeral wearing my necklace. After George was laid to rest I gave my condolences to his family. When I got to his sister I gave her a big hug and my key. Gently saying "I know times are hard B but just breathe and it will be okay!" A few weeks later she came up to me and thanked me, fully understanding what I gave her. She told me that it stays with her on George's photo.

I talk to her everynow and then and she tells me how good she is doing in college and life and how she still holds on to the key, waiting to pay it forward to someone in need!