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The Message I Needed

This is the 4th key I've given away and each one has been a pleasure. I wanted to share this response with you:

"Donna, I arrived to the office yesterday only to find a package in my mailbox. When I opened it and saw what was inside, I was moved to tears. I want you to know how precious your gift is to me - first of all, as a token of your gratitude it means everything. Secondly, that the message was so intuitively chosen and right for our relationship - beautiful! And lastly, it was EXACTLY the message I needed yesterday, a confirmation from the universe as I was deep in the seat of playing a high-level, high-stakes game and it was like I heard a resounding "YES!!". Thank you so very much. And when it is time, and the person is right, I will joyfully pass it along with this story.  Much love to you, Erin"


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