I Got This

I recently had my second brain tumor surgery in 15 years. I thought it was just going to be surgery and no treatment this time around but the doctors decided treatment was necessary. I am a very positive person and believe I am in the best place for my medical care and fully trust my medical team. I am choosing to believe I will beat this cancer and it will not beat me. I have too much to live for.

I now have two young boys, 8 & 11 and a wonderful husband. Plus my great family and wonderful group of friends who are like family. During this time I found out my sister was having a hard time and I was worried about her. I had seen these Giving Keys in the past but never felt a connection until now. I knew it was the perfect time for both myself and my sister. We both need to believe that everything is going to be ok and we will get through whatever challenges that come our way.

I truly believe that if it weren't for my super positive husband I would never believe it all either. But because of him I do believe "I Got This". I hope passing this key along to my sister will encourage her to believe she does too.